The Company You Keep



Info Progetto

Regista: Reece Grant

Casting Director: Reece Grant

Produzione: -

Location: England

Città casting: London

Salario: Pagato

Inizio: 1 aprile 2024

Fine: 30 aprile 2024


Categoria: Cortometraggio

Scadenza annuncio: 29 febbraio 2024

Descrizione Progetto


Nessun ruolo presente in questo casting

  • Sesso:  Maschio
  • Età:  Da 15 a 25
  • Descrizione: 
    16-18 playing age. LK is a charismatic and street-smart individual, whose smooth talking and charming demeanor set him apart. Despite growing up in a rough area and being drawn into the world of gangs, LK prioritises making money over violence. Despite his underworld ties, LK prefers to stay clear of dirty work and solely focuses on achieving financial success.  
  • Sesso:  Femmina
  • Età:  Da 15 a 25
  • Descrizione: 
    16-18 plaiyng age. Mel, an influencer and social butterfly, radiates with a talkative nature and a fondness for gossip. She effortlessly captures the spotlight with her quick wit and contagious laughter, captivating those in her presence. Mel thrives on social interactions, utilising gossip and charm to uphold her central role in any gathering.
  • Sesso:  Maschio
  • Età:  Da 15 a 25
  • Descrizione: 
    16-18 playing age. Black Male. Bantz, a lively and mischievous gang member, radiates with bubbly energy and a playful demeanor. Despite his serious affiliations, he injects humor into every situation and excels in social interactions, charming others with his quick wit and love for banter.